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Take Over a Car Lease Lease Assumption

What is lease assumption?

A lease transfer is a process of transferring a lease car to another individual through a process called a car lease assumption.  The process of a vehicle lease assumption is very easy. In this process, a lease seller, someone who is looking to transfer out of a car lease early, can transfer the lease car and lease responsibility to a car lease buyer. The lease transfer or lease assumption process is legal with full knowledge and support of the original lease company. The lease transfer process is simple and straight-forward and is the most cost-effective way to trade out of a vehicle lease early. 

While we’re hear to help you get out of a car lease, and take over a car lease, we’re also here to help educate you on the leasing process and some of the confusing leasing terminology that’s used by dealers and leasing companies.

Why should I assume a lease?

There are a few advantages to taking over another persons auto lease. When you take over the lease agreement and the car payments, you’re acquiring a short-term auto lease. This means you do not have to put any money down, unlike getting into a new auto lease. You may even get a cash incentive from the lease seller worth 1 to 2 or more months of lease payments. Additionally, you’re in a short-term lease agreement, meaning you’re not committed to the full term of the original lease agreement. You’re effectively finishing off someone else’s lease agreement when you assume an auto lease.  Still have questions? Please click here for our Faq’s.

How can I exit my auto lease? 

The term “lease buster” or “lease busters” describes someone who’s seeking to get out of a car lease early. You can bust out of a lease, or exit a car lease, using a lease exchange marketplace like Car Match USA to swap a lease. Simply advertise your car lease with us, and immediately your auto lease will be part of our marketing and sales program to find a qualified buyer to take over your lease.

By swapping a lease, or performing a lease assumption, you’re effectively seeking to end your lease agreement by having someone else take over the remainder of the lease payments. The individual who takes over a lease is now responsible to the leasing company for the remainder of the payments in most cases. Lease busters (lease sellers) sometimes post cash incentives for buyers to take over the lease to make the lease take over more attractive. If you’re considering becoming a lease buster or perform a lease assumption, remember many leasing companies allow you to sell your car lease early and get out of a car lease altogether by initiating an auto lease assumption through the lease company.

How do I get out of my car lease?

Finding someone to take over a car lease is not always easy. While lease sellers could advertise their lease in the local paper classifieds, it typically results in false expectations with little to zero results.  We target our qualified buyers by locale and national interest levels of the vehicle make/model their seeking. In addition, as we qualify our buyers, we market your lease directly to them, informing them of the availability of your vehicle for lease take over.

To get out of a car lease, advertising your lease with a car lease exchange like Car Match USA gives you higher value for your small investment with greater results.

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