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Automobile Matching service

Automobile Match MakerCar Match USA, LLC does simply that, we match buyers and sellers nationwide There are many sellers  who desire to have us locate a buyer to take over their payments.

A seller should never allow another individual to take over their payments where the purchase of the car is subject to the finance obligations that remain.

Call match USA has devised a system to allow for an individual to get out from an obligation monthly which the seller may no longer be able to afford. In most cases the seller remains upside down, meaning they owe more on the automobile than its actual value. Many times the seller has very few options which may lead to a repossession or a bankruptcy to get out from under the obligation.

Car match USA provides a service in which we match buyers and sellers that have a like desire to do a transaction. Car Match USA receives syndicated information from various auto publications of sellers attempting to get out of their car lease. Car Match USA has a waiting list of buyers that have a desire to take over a sellers lease payment.

The concept of taking over another individuals lease payment has widely been accepted by most leasing companies. To see a list of leasing companies and their policy on performing a lease transfer please click here. Car Match USA removes the frustration of performing a Lease Transfer or outright sale. We will guide the buyer and seller through the process of performing a lease transfer. 

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