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How To Get Out Of A Car Lease Early

Get Out Of Your BMW Lease

Transfer My Car Lease Early Lease Termination

How To Get Out Of Your Car Lease

OK, so you have a car lease or loan that is not working anymore, for whatever the reason. So you ask the obvious question, what to do now. You actually have a few options when you wish to get out of your car lease. You can look for a buyer to take over your payments by having them qualify with your particular  leasing company. To see if your leasing company would approve the transfer of your car lease please click here. If that does not work we have the option of selling the car outright, please click here to view the Car Match USA Car Sellers Concierge Service where we offer to provide a completely comprehensive sales and advertising service.  There is one thing which is certain, the early termination of a car lease can be far more expensive than finding someone to take over your lease.  And thinking of doing a voluntary repossession should be out of the question, at all costs.

 Click Here To See If Your lease company will Authorize a Lease Transfer.

Sell The Car

There is nothing like stating the obvious. This works if the car is not upside down or you are willing to make up the difference between what’s owed and the current market value of the car. Whether you have a car lease or a car loan, it’s the same basic principle. There is an outstanding balance which needs to be satisfied to get out of the lease or have the loan released from your name. There is a good chance if this was a viable option you would not have found yourself reading this web page. I would recommend calling your leasing or finance company and asking what your payoff is at this moment. Then check the current market value or call Car Match and see what your financial exposure may be. You can always call a Car Match consultant at 561-512-4507 and we will be happy to assist.

Have Someone Take Over The Payments

As a seller you have the option of locating a buyer to take over the lease (payments) for the duration remaining on the contract. Car Match USA has a unique program which matches buyers and sellers allowing a  buyer to take over a sellers lease through the sellers lease company. Often times the buyer gets into a car lease with very little money down and the seller is released from any further liability. 

We locate a buyer to take over the remaining payments on your lease contract. Most lease companies will approve such a transaction assuming you have had the car a minimum of six months and have six months or more remaining on the lease. If your leasing company is willing to remove you from the lease the next step is finding the right person to qualify to take over your lease payments. Most leasing companies will charge a transfer fee of $250 – $600 and require the buyer to complete a credit application. Car Match will work with the buyer & seller through this process. A simple call to a Car Match USA enthusiast and you will understand how the process works.

Voluntary Repossession

I hate to mention this one. I would highly recommend you do whatever is needed to avoid performing a voluntary repossession of the vehicle. Having the leasing company repossess your car will reflect on your credit report as a repossession. There is no category on your credit report for voluntary repossession. A Repossession, however you go about it will be extremely costly. The damage this will do to your credit is unbelievable, not to mention you chances of qualifying for a new lease or auto loan will be impaired for years to come. Please also remember you will have an outstanding debt that will need to be satisfied and the lease or finance company may sue you for the outstanding balance. Learn more about car repossession here.

Car Match USA

Car Match USA, LLC does simply that, we match buyers and sellers Nationwide with a small advertising fee to the seller. We are the best at what we do!   Unlike our competition we combine the art of human interaction and the Internet to increase the likelihood of getting a seller out of the car lease. Car Match will perform very aggressive advertising of your vehicle, communicate with each and every buyer, then complete the process of the lease transfer or sale.


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