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Your Monthly Payments

 A seller should never allow another individual to take over their payments without the proper guidance and protections when you consider selling your car subject to the finance obligations, be it a lease or loan obligation.  Car Match USA, LLC  has devised a service to find a qualified buyer which is willing to obligate themselves to taking over your remaining monthly payments by approaching your lease company. In most cases the seller remains upside down, meaning they owe more on the automobile than its actual value leaving the seller with very  few options. Thinking about a voluntary repossession, please click here immediately.

As you know Car Match USA offers a very aggressive and transparent approach to getting you out of a lease you no longer wish to maintain, and we will handle the entire process from start to finish. Please read below to better understand exactly how the process works.


How The Sellers Process Works:

  • We start by having the seller complete the buyers online application, click here.
  • Upload a copy of your lease or finance contract by clicking here.
  • Upload as many pictures as you may have.
  • Upload a copy of your driver’s license.
  • Once qualified we enter the vehicle into the Car Match USA Matching service.
  • Sign and execute the Car Match USA agreement and start the process of locating a match with a buyer.

The Next step In The Process

 Once all of the general housekeeping is out-of-the-way we are ready to go to work. 

  • Build a one page website reflecting the vehicle and specifications.
  • Advertise the vehicle on .org and other affiliated websites.
  • Mass email qualified buyers.
  • Locate a qualified buyer.
  • Start the process of human interaction and negotiation with the buyer.
  • Place buyer through our quality assurance system (pre-qualification).
  • Have the buyer sign and execute all needed paperwork
  • Please click here to see the available programs Car Match USA offers.

Pre-Delivery Process

Once a buyer is secured for the Car Match USA Matching Service we start making preparation for the new user.

  • Buyer places a deposit into the Attorney Escrow account.
  • Buyer signs a stipulation of agreement covering the terms of the sale.
  • Help the buyer process the lease company application and submit for approval.
  • Once the buyer is approved we process the required lease company documents and close the deal.
  • Seller should maintain insurance until we have confirmation the sale is complete.

Buyer Delivery Process

Upon lease company approval it’s time to deliver the car to the buyer.

  • We confirm the lease company has all the required documents processed and approved.
  • We order the Attorneys escrow account to disburse all needed funds to the related parties.
  • If any money was to be collected we confirm receipt within the Law Firms Escrow account.
  • We schedule (if applicable) the transport company to pick up and deliver the vehicle.

Now we celebrate another successful Car Match completed lease transfer.

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