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Car Match USA LogoCar Match USA, LLC Website Listings : We can not warrant or guarantee that the listings which appear on our website remain available by the seller. Car Match USA often times has a waiting list of buyers. As such many times new listings by sellers do not appear on the website. Please check with your Car Match USA consultant to see if the seller you wish to work with remains available.

Syndicated Services: From time to time we work with other website providers which list automobiles for sale by sellers. If as a buyer you see another automobile available on another website you may contact a Car Match USA consultant to inquire if such a automobile qualifies for the Car Match USA, LLC matching service.

Buyers Waiting List: If as a buyer there is a specific car you would like to purchase from a seller please contact a Car Match USA consultant to see if we are currently working with a seller that has the make, model and year which you desire. Many times our automobile matching service will match buyers and sellers with the automobiles never appearing on our website. It is always best to speak with a Car Match USA consultant to see if we can arrange a match. Do not solely rely on the inventory you see on this website.

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