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Car Match Service Buyers Process

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Buyers Process

Take Over The Sellers Payments

As you know Car Match USA, LLC offers a very unique service matching vehicle sellers with individuals looking to take over payments of an existing lease. This process requires the buyer to be approved by the sellers leasing company. Car Match USA will work with the buyer and seller to make this process as smooth as possible.
As mentioned we utilize the escrow services of Consumer Lawyers Of America (click here to visit their website)  to hold and protect the buyers initial deposit. This assures the process will go smoothly and the buyers funds are protected until which time the leasing company has authorized the transfer.
How The Process Works:
  • The buyer first locates a car they have an interest in assuming the sellers lease.
  • We then negotiate the transaction between the seller and buyer.
  • We then have the buyer complete the buyers online application, click here.
  • Sign and return the attached Law Firm Statement Of understanding, Escrow Agent form
  • The Buyer then deposits their initial deposit to start the process and hold the vehicle.
Upon The Lease Companies Approval, The Next Step:
Once you are approved we will assist the buyer in completing the lease companies required documents;
  • Place a small deposit into the Attorney Escrow account.
  • Buyer will submit a credit application to the lease company.
  • Buyer shall submit the requested documentation as per the lease company requirements.
  • Sign and return the Closing Cost & Transaction Fees form.
Taking Possession Of Vehicle:
Upon lease company approval it’s time to deliver the car to the buyer. 
  • We confirm the lease company has all the required documents processed and approved.
  • We order the Attorneys escrow account to disburse all needed funds to the related parties.
  • If any money was to be collected we confirm receipt within the Law Firms Escrow account.
  • We schedule (if applicable) the transport company to pick up and deliver the vehicle.

Car Match USA celebrates another successful Car Match completed lease transfer.

It really is that simple. Most times the buyer may take delivery within seven days upon being approved by the lease company.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact A Car Match USA enthusiast