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About Car Match USA, LLC


Car Matching Service

The founder of Car Match USA has served consumers throughout the United States for many years working as the executive director of  Attorney Advocates Of America in West Palm Beach Florida. They say the mother of all invention is necessity. That is how Car Match USA started.

The Law Firm had a client that desperately needed to get out of her car payments without damaging her credit. After doing some research the law firm attempted to find someone local to take over her payments. Within one day the firm located a great buyer and the deal was done. The buyer was delighted to get into a vehicle far less expensively than the  traditional process and the seller was able to free herself of a $689 monthly payment.


It occurred to the Car Match founder that this may be a great way to help consumers when there are  typically no other alternatives. Many times a seller will find themselves upside down on either a lease or financed auto purchase. For one reason or another the seller wishes to dispose of the vehicle. The simple answer is to have the seller pay the difference between what they could fetch for the car and whats owed. But that seems counter productive, and throwing good money after bad. Welcome to Car Match USA, a simple alternative.


 We have buyers that wish to get into a short term arrangement by taking over payments with a like minded seller. Our buyers typically look for arrangements where there is 24 – 30 months remaining on a lease. From the buyers perspective this is certainly a great arrangement.   

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